Winding down after your summer holidays

You have just come back from your holidays and you still have some days off ‘till work. Maybe just a few. Maybe just the weekend. You promise you will stay home and try to catch up, right? No way! During the holidays people will do anything to drag you out of your house and you know that eventually you’ll take advantage of every last second of holiday madness. Let’s be realistic: You’ll probably end up partying the night before work (which I think is a huge mistake!) And even when you get back to work, you’ll probably still be in holiday mode (after all it’s still summer).

Well, you know this has to stop sometime — but don’t worry it doesn’t have to be painful. You should gradually start winding down, adjusting to your routine. I am not suggesting that you start working non-stop, trying to sort all your work-related issues out in just a few days. On the contrary, you might as well carry on going out, albeit not so often. Think about it like this, you can still go out for a meal or a drink. Maybe on a weekday and then again at the weekend. But you really need to realise that the holidays are coming to an end.

Start doing slowly what you used to to do before the summer craziness began: watch something on Netflix, maybe it’s time for a new series; go through the stack of unread books on your shelf.


Start making plans for autumn and winter. As you begin to go out less, don’t get depressed by thinking this is the end of your social life! On the contrary, maybe now is the time to make some new friends. The few times you do go out, try and see who can be a good friend to have during the winter blues. Why not call or email the new couple of friends you made in July or even send that message on Facebook to that interesting person you met on your holidays?

Better still, keep your eyes open for new and exciting people when you go out. After all, the end of August and September are the clearing months — the holiday masses have gone, and what’s sometimes left behind could be the real deal.

aSo take a few steps at a time. Start going out less, and when you do, try to have more quality time, keeping your eyes open for anything different and fascinating. Slowly start getting used to working from home. Take breaks where you can watch or read something new. Instead of panicking about having to deal with your daily routine again, try to anticipate it. Sometimes expectations do come true, and who knows what the romantic autumn might bring….


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