Which note-taking app?

We all use note-taking apps. Long gone are the days when we used to email ourselves a useful site or piece of information. In this brief article I will present what I think are the four best options currently available. Evernote, Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote and Simplenote. But why use a digital notebook to begin with? Simply because it is the most convenient way to … Continue reading Which note-taking app?

Winding down after your summer holidays

You have just come back from your holidays and you still have some days off ‘till work. Maybe just a few. Maybe just the weekend. You promise you will stay home and try to catch up, right? No way! During the holidays people will do anything to drag you out of your house and you know that eventually you’ll take advantage of every last second … Continue reading Winding down after your summer holidays

How NOT to be disappointed with your summer holidays

I have to admit: I don’t like summer that much (reverse SAD, anyone?) but I always look forward to it. The reason is simple: long holidays! There is, however, one thing that creeps into the back of my mind. The high hopes, the great expectations, the emotional burden that surround this holiday season. If you go on holiday to some exciting destination, these expectations rise … Continue reading How NOT to be disappointed with your summer holidays